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SAFEPATH accessories

For enhanced functionality of its SAFEPATH voice evacuation and mass notification systems, Eaton offers a variety of accessories, including SPB supervised power boosters, SP4Z-A/B audio splitters, SP4-APS addressable paging splitters, SP-TZC telephone zone controllers, SP4-SVC supervised volume controls, and battery kits.

SAFEPATH accessories

SPB Supervised Power Booster

Provides additional supervised audio power for live voice or pre-recorded messages with 24VDC battery backup. Multiple SPB-320, SPB-160 and SPB-80/4 audio boosters can be inter-connected to accommodate large installations with supervised audio power and strobe power requirements.

SP4Z-A/B Audio Splitter

Enables a single supervised speaker audio output to drive up to two Class A supervised speaker audio outputs or four Class B supervised speaker audio outputs.

SP4-APS Addressable Paging Splitter

Controls selectable paging and background music (BGM) connected to SAFEPATH, using an RS485 connection. It allows selections of speaker zones via a telephone keypad (DTMF tones).

SP-SVC Supervised Volume Control

Allows manual volume setting for telephone paging and background music for a specific speaker or speaker zone. The selected adjustment will not affect the volume setting of emergency pre-recorded messages or live microphone usage. Non supervised models, SV-10 and SV25, are also available

SP4-TZC Telephone Zone Controller

Provides the ability to access individual or multiple speaker zones via the telephone.

Battery Kits

The sealed lead acid batteries are leak-proof, maintenance free, and designed per NFPA 72 for use with systems like SAFEPATH. The batteries are based on a unique efficient oxygen recombination technology, which eliminates the need for water replacement. With a key lockable door, the BACT-R enclosure is constructed of steel and its door hinges fold downward for easy loading of the batteries.

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