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Smart VFI transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series three-phase smart transformers transform more than just voltage, they are changing the face of asset control and management. Utilizing microprocessor-based control schemes the smart vacuum fault interrupter (VFI) transformer offers extensive monitoring options, transformer and loop sectionalizing, fault event recording, zone interlocking, directional protection, data exporting and more. Paired with the integral VFI or upstream breaker/recloser the smart transformer significantly reduces impact on the transformer and adjacent equipment.

Smart VFI transformer
Wider scope of protection
Primary feeds up to 900 A cont. at 35 kV
Relay flexibility
Eaton E-series or equivalant
Stay connected
Serial, Ethernet or fiber communications standard

Core features

  • Compartmental padmount or substation transformer designed per specification
  • Integral [under-oil] Vacuum Fault Interrupter (VFI)
  • Microprocessor-based feeder relay control system
  • Logic-based ANSI devices programmable within integral relay control
  • Enhanced control with remote trip functionality
  • Extensive monitoring options for transformer and line management
  • Power Xpert compatible when used with the Eaton E-Series relay
  • Reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs when compared to a transformer plus separate switchgear
  • Automation and inter-transformer control and protection schemes available
  • Remote asset control and management over Modbus TCP
  • Relay transformer monitoring

Asset management and protection in one complete package

Combined with a transformer with the full functionality of the VFI in one cabinet, the vacuum fault interrupter (VFI) with factory installed and tested relay control package provides primary protection and digital communication in one complete package. This package eliminates the need for medium-voltage switches or other monitoring devices thereby simplifying the installation and reducing installed footprint.

The future of control

The S-VFI transformer enhances the proven VFI transformer by utilizing a microprocessor-based relay control scheme. Digital control allows the user to monitor transformer VFI status, gauge alarms and power quality and flow thereby drastically increasing the speed of information and subsequent equipment reliability and economic effectiveness.

Forward thinking features for the smart grid of tomorrow

The Smart VFI transformer is a standardized package offering engineered for ultimate flexibility with no additional lead-time as compared to standard Eaton transformers. Transformer diagnostics are available via serial, ethernet or fiber communications. Preprogrammed protection settings and modular design with flexible relay selection, including a variety of integral ANSI logic devices within the microprocessor relay. The entire assembly is factory tested and functionally verified prior to shipment.