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Medium-voltage transformers
Envirotran critical load three-phase pad-mounted transformer
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Envirotran critical load three-phase pad-mounted transformer

With enhanced surge protection and a hardened design, Eaton’s Cooper Power series Envirotran Critical Load Transformer (CLT) offers an unparalleled combination of reliability, efficiency, safety, performance and value. Providing superior operation in stressful electrical environments, these pad-mount transformers are filled with Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid for enhanced fire protection and longer lifespan. 

Envirotran critical load three-phase pad-mounted transformer
Primary 2400-46,700 V; Secondary 208-24,940 V
Base rating
No RC snubbers required
Withstands harsh resonant frequencies

Core features

  • Available up to 35 kV and 12 MVA
  • Biodegradable and sustainable Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid provides fire safety benefits with a projected lifespan well beyond that of a traditional mineral-oil transformer
  • Envirotemp FR3 fluid enables NECT compliance for indoor and roof-mounted transformers
  • ANSI/IEEE BIL withstand ratings are higher for liquid-filled transformers, making them less susceptible to failure
  • Overload capability above nameplate without significant loss of insulation life
  • Not reliant on an RC snubber circuit for transient surge protection

Ultimate reliability and performance

Eaton's Cooper Power series Envirotran critical load transformer is strong in every performance category important to critical applications: reliability, fire safety, loadability, operational life, efficiency, thermal loading and installed footprint.

Enhanced design for transient surge protection

Liquid-filled Envirotran critical load transformers boast an enhanced transformer design capable of withstanding harsh transient conditions without the need for RC Snubber circuits.

Superior overload capability

The cooling system of Eaton's Cooper Power series Envirotran critical load transformer provides unparalleled protection, enabling transformers to tolerate greater overloads for longer periods without abnormal loss of insulation life.