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Power Xpert Meter 350

The Power Xpert Meter 350 (PXM350) is a revenue grade energy meter that delivers you a cost-effective solution for energy and submetering applications. This DIN rail-mounted, three phase energy meter provides high accuracy in a small form factor. The user-friendly LCD display is ideal for buildilng energy management, energy monitoring and metering systems.

Power Xpert Meter 350
Compact footprint
High metering accuracy
Multiple inputs
333mV | 5A/1A | Rogowski coils

Core features

  • Revenue grade energy metering
  • A cost-effective solution for energy and submetering applications
  • Intuitive and user-friendly LCD display
  • For DIN rail mounted applications

Safe design and accurate measurement

The Power Xpert Meter 350 offers a tamper proof design for revenue grade applications and provides options for bi-directional energy and accurate measurement of the neutral current.