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Drive Isolation transformers

Eaton's Motor Drive Isolation Transformers are manufactured using high-quality construction and are available in a wide range of ratings to meet specific voltage conversion requirements. They provide electrical isolation between the incoming line and drive circuitry, voltage conversion on input line to standard drive input voltages, minimize line disturbances caused by SCR firing, and reduce short-circuit currents and voltage line transients.

Drive Isolation transformers
Voltage class
Three-phase 7.5 - 1500 kVA
Winding conductor
Aluminum or copper

Core features

  • Thermal sensors embedded in coils can be wired to provide a signal to remote locations, indicating potential heating problems within the transformer coils
  • Get fast and easy connection with front accessible  primary and secondary terminals
  • Easily identify terminals with clear labeling
  • Reduce installation time with slotted screw mounting holes in enclosure and cover
  • Reduce noise levels to meet NEMA ST-20 with sound dampening pads that isolate the core and coil from the case


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