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Machines and tooling

Eaton offers a wide variety of crimp machines and other assembly equipment to build hose assemblies. These tools are designed, tested and built to exact Eaton engineering standards to enable users to build high quality hose assemblies every time, time after time.
Machines and tooling
Simplified and improved offerings
Suitable for any environment
Wide range of styles to choose from

Introducing Eaton's new FT1380e electronic crimper

  • Intuitive design interface with pre-loaded crimp specs
  • Easy setup, calibration, and offsets
  • Color assembly photos for easy validation and accuracy
  • Variable retract position to speed up assembly time
  • Updated lighting for better visibility 

Offering a streamlined product portfolio.

With the new Eaton-branded crimp machine portfolio, both Aeroquip and Weatherhead customers have access to the same crimp machines and tooling. This simplified and improved offering includes lower cost options as well as both positive stop and variable machines to meet all of your application needs.


The ET1187 machine is our most economical variable crimp machine to date. It boasts a broad crimp capability with a new “ease-of-use” that is sure to excite hose assemblers in the field.


The portable ET1000 crimp machine boasts a broad crimp capability with an ease-of-use that is sure to please hose assemblers. With four pump options air/hydraulic, hand, 110v, or 12v DC—this portable machine can travel to the worksite. The machine comes equipped with a stand pre-drilled for mounting to a workbench or table-top.


The FT1380 crimp machine from Eaton crimps all your hose needs up to and including -20 spiral wire hose. The FT1380 is electronically controlled to give fast, accurate crimps the first time and every time you need a hose assembly. The electronic keypad is easy to adjust, with up to 10 programmable crimp settings. For hose styles and sizes used less frequently, simply enter the 3 digit code of that hose.


The T-420 is a versatile machine ideal for your shop, factory, construction, and mine locations. Large capacity combined with lever-activated crimping gives you wide coverage and a quick and simple way to make factory-quality hose assemblies.


The FT1390 crimp machine is a stand-alone machine and will crimp up to 2" braided, 2” four spiral, and 2” six spiral hydraulic hose assemblies. It boasts a programmable electronic keypad with 10 presets.


The ET4001 is ideal for factory, high-performance machine operations, construction and mine locations. This machine offers the capabilities of crimping all of the crimp-style hose ends through -32. With this coverage, this heavy-duty crimper can handle all of your crimping needs.


The ET5050 is designed for high industrial production and comes pre-programmed with all of Eaton’s hose and hose fitting crimp specifications, crimp profile details, and machine settings in order to crimp to Eaton’s specifications. It crimps up to 2” spiral, 2” braided and 4” industrial in Eaton core hose products as well as a wide variety of specialty hose.

Making crimping simple.

Color coded crimping

When ordering positive stop machines, consider Eaton’s new optimized tooling. This new tooling features built-in fitting locators and collet cages that are color-coded to indicate dash size, all designed to make crimping a breeze. Eaton is committed to providing quality products with great features and supporting them with tools that make doing your job easy. Take advantage of these benefits and convert to Eaton’s new optimized tooling today! 

Color coded crimping collets.png

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