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PTV Supercapacitor

Eaton PTV supercapacitors provide ultra-high capacitance and high-density power with ultra-low ESR for a host of industrial applications. Comprising two TV family cells with passive voltage management from Eaton, they reduce cell count and simplify designs. In industrial applications, PTV supercapacitors are an excellent source of backup, pulse, and hybrid power.

PTV supercapacitors support hundreds of thousands of charge/discharge cycles with operating lifetimes of up to 20 years. The cells are maintenance-free with zero thermal runaway risk. Each EDLC cell offers 6.0 V (5.0 V at +85° C) of working voltage with operating temperatures from -40° C to +85° C, meeting the higher voltage and temperature requirements of industrial applications. PTV supercapacitors can be utilized as standalone energy storage systems or combined with secondary batteries to optimize the lifetime, runtime, and cost.

PTV Supercapacitor

Eaton supercapacitors provide brownout protection in embedded and industrial process control circuits

PTV supercapacitors are affordable solutions for brownout protection at the board level in embedded and industrial process control systems. Eaton's supercapacitors provide backup, pulse, and hybrid power (when connected to a battery) for a host of applications in industrial process control systems, automotive electronics, and utility smart meters.