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Energy management circuit breaker

Eaton’s energy management circuit breaker (EMCB) allows remote monitoring and control of branch circuits in demand response and residential energy storage applications. The EMCB provides intelligence that integrates the ability to monitor and manage energy consumption with your preferred software platform. This smart circuit breaker is designed to fit in a standard Eaton load center or panelboard to accommodate BR and BAB series of breakers.

Energy management circuit breaker

Ensuring grid stability with real-time data

Eaton’s connected energy management circuit breaker helps to ensure grid stability with reliable real-time data for increased revenue generation and is designed to help your customers lower their electric bills through improved energy control.

Intelligent circuit protection and connectivity for virtually any application



Helps simplify installation by eliminating the need for additional components ultimately saving space

remote control.jpg

Remote control

Help reduce time and money by controlling the circuit remotely without interrupting the main source of power


Metering accuracy

Billing against certain circuits gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue


Bidirectional communications

Pull analytics from a centralized location for ease of operation and verification 

Core features

  • UL489 compliance helps simplify installation by eliminating the need for additional components, ultimately saving space
  • Bi-directional communication provides you the ability to communicate with a remote device from a centralized location, ability to pull analytics, ease of operation, and verification that offers you peace of mind
  • Remote control provides you the ability to control the circuit remotely without interrupting the main source of power, and helps reduce time and money associated with manual control
  • Metering accuracy provides you the ability to bill against certain circuits giving you the opportunity for increased revenue, and offers energy savings by having the ability to see energy consumption of each circuit and shutting them off at peak energy times
  • Secure and safe communications allow for secure data transmission from the data source to the user
  • LED display provides visual indication of the circuit load
  • An open interface through Restful APIs provides the ability to integrate into your application of choice.  Our Restful APIs also provide local control on and offline
  • Cloud connectivity allows the firmware on the devices to be updated remotely, and helps reduce troubleshooting efforts

Secure and safe communications

The EMCB incorporates some of industry’s best cybersecurity practices, allowing for secure data transmission from the data source to the user. 


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What else could we teach a circuit breaker to do?

Eaton began a first-of-its-kind energy management field test in collaboration with EPRI and utility providers across the country. Learn how the EMCB can fundamentally change the way we think about the electrical grid.

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