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Wheelock SA-S self-amplified speaker strobes

Wheelock SA-S supervised, self-amplified speaker strobes are designed to meet the critical needs for the life safety industry. These indoor wall and ceiling-mount speaker strobes are ideal for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) room applications. Selectable strobe candela includes 15/30/75/110 cd for wall models and 15/30/75/95 cd for ceiling models.

The self-amplified speaker strobes mount to a 4" square deep backbox with extension ring and SBB surface backbox.  Approvals include UL 1480, UL 1638, and UL 1971. 

Wheelock SA-S self-amplified speaker strobes
Wall or Ceiling
Selectable Input level
0.5 or 25 V RMS
Frequency Range
400 Hz to 4000 Hz

Appliance Input Impedance

  • 0.5-V Setting: Greater than 400 Ohms or equivalent to less than 1/1000 W (0.001 W or 1 mW) load
  • 25-V Setting: Greater than 20 kOhms or equivalent to less than 1/32 W (.03125 W or 31.25 mW) load

Field selectable, multi-candela settings

15/30/75/110 (wall models)
15/30/75/95 (ceiling models)
11/22/56/71 (amber lens, ceiling models)

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