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Wheelock Exceder horn strobes

In a sleek, modern design, the Wheelock  Exceder horn strobes provide superior sound penetration and high efficiency optics to minimize current draw. The fire alarm horn strobes offer a comprehensive feature set, including an industry first of 8 candela settings on one appliance, 3  sound settings, and  universal mounting base. 

All switches to change settings on the horn strobes can be set without the use of a tool and are located behind the appliance to prevent tampering.  Wall models feature voltage test points to take readings with a voltage meter for troubleshooting and AHJ inspection.

Wheelock Exceder horn strobes
Wall or Ceiling
Voltage (VDC)
90, 95, 99

Industry first - 8 candela settings on one appliance

Field selectable candela settings
Wall: 15/1575/30/75/95/110/135/185
Ceiling: 15/30/60/75/95/115/150/177

Ease of installation

  • Prewire capability to check for wiring & ground faults prior to appliance installation
  • Contact cover not only provides protection from dirt, dust, paint and accidental damage, it allows for prewire testing and troubleshooting

5 Mounting Options

1 gang, 2 gang, 4”sq., 3.5 octal, 4” octal box
Approvals & Compliance

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