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Wheelock STH cluster speakers

Designed for indoor and outdoor applications where voice and visual alerting is required in high ambient noise environments, Wheelock cluster speakers are available with 2, 3, or 4 speakers for wide-area coverage and a variety of strobe options, including clear and colored lens. 

The pre-assembled cluster speakers are supplied with STH-15SR horns and one RSS-24MCCH strobes or one DC-MAX strobe, depending on model number. All horns and strobes are mounted to a NEMA 1 steel enclosure and come fully assembled. Mounting options include wall, ceiling or roof.  

Approvals include UL Standard 1480 (horns), UL 1971 (RSS clear lens strobes), UL Standard 1638 (RSS colored lens strobes/DC-MAX strobe).

Wheelock STH cluster speakers

STH cluster speaker with RSS strobe

  • Finish Color: Red
  • Applications: Indoor high ambient noise environments
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB @15 watts @ 10 ft. per horn
  • Strobe candela: High intensity, selectable 115/177<
  • Speaker Options: 1, 2, 3 or 4 horn configurations
  • Components - STH-15SR (UL 1480 listed) speakers and one RSS-24MCCH (UL 1971 listed) ceiling strobe mounted to a NEMA 1 steel enclosure.

STH cluster speaker with MAX strobe

  • Models: STH-4MS-R, STH-2MS-R, STH-4R, STH-3R, STH-2R, STH-2G
  • Finish color: Red or Gray
  • Applications: Indoor or outdoor, high ambient noise environments
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB @15 watts @ 10 ft. per horn
  • Strobe Output: 100cd at 60 double flashes per minute
  • Components - STH-15SR or STH-15S (UL 1480 listed) speakers and one DC-MAX-C (UL 1638 listed) strobe mounted to a steel enclosure.

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